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About Us

The Regen Centre is part of the not-for-profit charity ‘Riccall Regen 2000’, which exists to provide opportunities for residents in our community. Large halls, fully-licensed bar, meeting rooms & office space make the Centre a thriving hub of activity. Flexible and accessible, we aim to meet needs, fill gaps and support community development and engagement.

An unincorporated organisation was first formed in 1996, with 21 representatives; made up of local community organisations and interested individuals. The shared goal was to see a multi-functional community building, funded, established, and developed on the Community Sports Field, on Landing Lane in Riccall.

Our History

Over the next 4 years an incredible £1.5m was raised, from a range of funders, to construct and equip the Centre. In addition, £25,000 was raised through the local community.


The charity Riccall Regen 2000 was incorporated in January 2000, and the Regen Centre opened in September 2000, and has been serving the community ever since.

The Regen Centre has always housed a variety of services, some of which continue, others of which have come to an end, but with new initiatives happening all the time. Over the years we have changed and diversified our offer, to meet shifting demands and offer varied opportunities, all whilst balancing the need to cover the running costs and ongoing improvements for the building.

Recent Challenges

The impact of the pandemic, and the recent cost of living crisis, has had a huge effect on the Centre and in 2022 the charity was at crisis point. Since then, we have worked hard, with support from local Charity ‘Up for Yorkshire, to turn the centre around and ensure its future as an invaluable community asset. Up for Yorkshire’s aim is simple - to enable the voluntary and community sector to grow and flourish, whilst at the same time supporting an inclusive community for everyone. Up for Yorkshire believe in the Regen Centre, and everything it already delivers and has the potential to provide, and they are committed to supporting the Centre long term.

The partnership between Up for Yorkshire and the Regen Centre has been a dynamic, proactive and extremely successful one. The recent journey to secure the Centre has been a hard path, and tough decisions have had to be made along the way. However, we are pleased to say that we are now at the turning point, with finances back on track, the building busier than ever and breathing space to consider new opportunities to address the needs of local residents, community groups and stakeholders.

Exciting Progress

We are solidly committed to working with and for the local community, as we continue to move things forward, ensuring that the local community help shape and inform the future direction of the Centre and the charity as a whole.

Other organisations based at Riccall Sports Field

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Riccall Tennis Club

Riccall Bowls Club

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